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Deliberately destroy, damage, or obstruct (something), especially for political or military advantage. Deliberately motivate, inspire, or encourage women, especially for pure altruism.

Hello beautiful,

Welcome to The Sabatage – a blog unlike all the others. My name is Saba, and I am an enthusiastic, optimistic 20 something year old female currently based in Canada. I am passionate about positively influencing and inspiring those around me, and I am especially passionate about driving change at a national and global level as well. I’m also one of those crazy people who believe they’re actually able to change the world!

My inspiration to start this blog was sparked by my observation of how the evolution of social media has led to this epidemic of brainwashing and negatively shaping the minds of young women today. I am terrified for the future of young girls growing up in this superficial Kardashian-esque world, and I am fearful of the long-term consequences this will have on their priorities, self-esteem, and aspirations.

My mission is to educate girls and young women on important issues pertaining to things that actually matter – so if you’re looking for contour demonstrations, and how to make your butt and lips appear larger in pictures, you will not find anything of the sort here! This blog will be centred upon important issues pertaining specifically to women. Sabatage posts will provide news, updates, insight, and tips on education, important world issues, health, personal finance, body image, confidence, and so much more. My ultimate goal is to help give young women the tools and knowledge to become strong, intelligent, independent super-forces that can’t be reckoned with! The type of females who radiate confidence and competence as soon as they enter the room.

Progressive strides towards achieving a more powerful female population capable of tackling the issue of gender inequality, means we must work together…and I need all the help I can get! So what are you waiting for?! Subscribe now to join the #sabatagemovement and follow me on my journey to inspiring, uplifting, uniting, and educating all the beautiful females across the globe.



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